California GOP Calls for Answers After $24B Spent on Homelessness Vanishes

California Republican leaders are demanding answers after a recent audit revealed that the state cannot account for approximately $24 billion spent over the last five years to address the homelessness crisis.

The audit, released earlier this week, highlighted a lack of consistent tracking and evaluation of the effectiveness of the programs funded by this massive expenditure.

According to the audit, despite the significant investment, the homelessness problem has not significantly improved in many cities across California.

The California Interagency Council on Homelessness (Cal ICH), tasked with coordinating agencies and allocating resources for homelessness programs, ceased tracking program effectiveness in 2021 and failed to collect and evaluate outcome data consistently.

Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher squarely blamed the Newsom administration for the debacle, criticizing Governor Newsom’s tendency to announce grand initiatives without delivering tangible results. Gallagher emphasized the urgent need for real solutions to the homelessness crisis.

Former MLB All-Star Steve Garvey, running for California’s U.S. Senate seat as a Republican, called for political courage to implement necessary changes. He stressed the importance of delivering real results for both unhoused individuals and taxpayers, rather than continuing with failed policies.

California GOP Calls for Answers After $24B Spent on Homelessness Vanishes

Despite the audit’s revelations, Cal ICH stated that improvements in data collection have been made following the implementation of AB 977. This law mandates grantees of state-funded homelessness programs to input specific data elements into their local Homeless Management Information System.

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However, Cal ICH shifted blame to local governments, stating that municipalities must be held more accountable for implementing and evaluating program effectiveness.

The call for accountability from California GOP leaders underscores the pressing need for transparency and effectiveness in addressing the state’s homelessness crisis.

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