Trump and Biden Vie for Georgia Voter Support Through Fundraising Efforts

Former President Donald Trump visited Georgia for a private fundraising event on Wednesday, while President Joe Biden is also focusing on ramping up support among Georgia voters.

Both Trump and Biden are actively seeking to out-fundraise each other, especially in Georgia, which has become a crucial battleground state for electoral votes.

Dr. Kimberly Martin, an Assistant Professor at Georgia Southern University, highlighted the significance of Georgia in the electoral landscape, noting that both campaigns view it as a key prize in their efforts to secure the presidency.

Although Biden’s national campaign has raised more funds than Trump’s, the situation differs in Georgia. Recent campaign finance disclosures show that Trump has raised $2.4 million in the state, compared to Biden’s $1.1 million.

Trump has been actively organizing fundraising events in Georgia, while Biden’s campaign has been focusing more on grassroots efforts and engaging with local donors.

However, Biden’s campaign has announced plans to expand its presence in Georgia by hiring additional staff and opening new offices across the state. They are also mobilizing volunteers, including college students, to participate in campaign activities such as canvassing and phone banking.

Trump and Biden Vie for Georgia Voter Support Through Fundraising Efforts

In the previous presidential election, Biden won Georgia by a slim margin of more than 11,000 votes. Martin emphasized that both candidates will need to work harder this time to mobilize voters, especially without the influence of concurrent Senate campaigns.

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Regarding fundraising, Martin cautioned against relying solely on financial figures to predict election outcomes, citing examples where candidates with lesser funds emerged victorious.

A recent Marist poll showed that 51% of Georgians would vote for Trump, while 47% would vote for Biden. However, the impact of Trump’s fundraising event in Georgia on Wednesday remains unknown.

As the election approaches, both candidates are intensifying their efforts to gain support and secure victory in Georgia.

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