Caitlin Clark Surprises Michael Che with Hilarious ‘SNL’ Appearance

Over the weekend, college basketball sensation Caitlin Clark made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” segment. The young star shocked Michael Che and Colin Jost as she joined them at the anchor desk.

During the segment, Che joked about the University of Iowa retiring Clark’s jersey and replacing it with an apron after her final college basketball game. However, he was taken aback when Clark unexpectedly appeared on set.

Clark playfully teased Che about his jokes about women’s sports, prompting him to defend himself. In response, Clark presented Che with some jokes she had written for him to read, poking fun at his comedy and personal life.

Che graciously read the jokes, including one about the Indian Fever being a WNBA team and a quip about his Netflix special. Clark ended her roast with three pointers for Che, delivering the final blow with a witty punchline.

Caitlin Clark Surprises Michael Che with Hilarious 'SNL' Appearance

Before leaving, Clark thanked the trailblazing women of basketball who paved the way for her success. She also presented Che with a signed apron, jokingly telling him to give it to his girlfriend, to which she hilariously replied that he didn’t have one.

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Clark’s appearance on SNL comes after her remarkable final season with the University of Iowa’s women’s basketball team, where she broke numerous NCAA records and announced her entry into the WNBA draft. Her decision is eagerly anticipated, alongside other top college basketball prospects.

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