Court Upholds Atlantic City Election, Calls for Legislative Action to Prevent Fraud

A judge has ruled to uphold the 2023 Democratic primary election results for city council in Atlantic City, confirming LaToya Dunston’s re-election. However, the judge has highlighted flaws in the election process and urged the legislature to take action to prevent potential fraud.

Viana Bailey, who lost the primary by six votes, had raised concerns about votes being cast by individuals who did not reside in the city’s second ward. Additionally, she objected to the involvement of Craig Calloway, the former City Council President who is now indicted, in assisting voters claiming disabilities.

While the court did not find enough evidence to overturn the election results, Judge Michael Blee emphasized the need for legislative intervention.

He pointed out irregularities in the use of disability certificates during the election, noting that many voters claiming disabilities did not demonstrate any physical impairments.

Court Upholds Atlantic City Election, Calls for Legislative Action to Prevent Fraud

Blee expressed concern over the provision allowing voters to select any person to assist them in completing their ballot, instead of the required bipartisan assistance. He highlighted that Calloway completed 41 disability certificates, raising questions about the process’s integrity.

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The judge called on the legislature to address these issues, suggesting limitations on the number of disability certificates issued and stricter regulations on ballot assistance.

The outcome of the case marks a victory for prominent election lawyer Matthew Moench, who represented Dunston.

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