Missouri Issues Warning After Bird Flu Spreads to Humans

Missouri is raising alarm bells after a farm worker contracted the highly contagious bird flu. The state’s health department issued a warning about the virus, known as “highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) A(H5N1),” after a worker in Texas fell ill from exposure to infected dairy cattle.

Although the worker is recovering well, the incident has sparked concerns about the virus spreading to humans.

Reports from DNYUZ and The Daily Express have also highlighted the risk of bird flu transmission to humans. So far, there have been seven confirmed cases of bird flu in livestock across the country, with the case in Texas linked to this outbreak.

While the Missouri Department of Health reassures that the risk to humans is currently low, individuals with job-related or recreational contact with infected birds or animals are at higher risk and should take precautions. This includes those who work with poultry or backyard flocks.

Missouri Issues Warning After Bird Flu Spreads to Humans

Since 1997, there have been 900 reported cases of bird flu worldwide, resulting in many deaths. However, recent human infections have decreased significantly. Authorities hope that the Texas case is an isolated incident rather than a trend.

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To stay safe, the public is advised to avoid contact with sick or dead animals. For more information and updates, refer to the full bulletin from the Missouri Department of Health.

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