Coyote Spotted in Central Park Leaves Parkgoers on Edge

A jogger in Central Park, Brett Cohn, had an unexpected encounter with a coyote during his Saturday morning run. As he made his way along the 72nd Street transverse toward the Ramble, he came face to face with the coyote, which appeared to be strolling casually.

Cohn described the moment when he noticed the coyote, saying, “I look up, and there’s a massive coyote staring right at me.” He quickly took out his phone to capture the encounter on video.

Despite the close encounter, Cohn expressed that he wasn’t afraid. He and the coyote acknowledged each other’s presence and went about their business without any confrontation.

According to the Parks Department, coyotes are known to inhabit areas within city limits and have been seen in Central Park multiple times over the past few years.

While the department has no reason to believe that this particular coyote poses a threat to human safety, they advise parkgoers to maintain their distance and avoid close contact.

The news of the coyote sighting has left some park visitors concerned, particularly dog owners like Katie Fogarty, who frequents the park with her son.

Coyote Spotted in Central Park Leaves Parkgoers on Edge

Fogarty expressed unease at the thought of encountering a coyote, especially while with her son. Other pet owners echoed similar sentiments, stating that they would be more cautious in the park following the sighting.

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Despite the apprehension among some parkgoers, there were mixed reactions to the coyote sighting. While some found the coyote adorable but expressed caution, others admitted to feeling intimidated by the prospect of encountering one.

Nevertheless, Cohn remains undeterred and plans to continue running his usual route in Central Park.

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