Man Allegedly Attacks Multiple Women, Blames Misogyny

A man, Daquan Armstead, has been charged with assaulting eight women in a disturbing crime spree. According to prosecutors, Armstead told police that he targeted women because “You have to check women sometimes,” expressing a misogynistic attitude.

Armstead, 31, allegedly confessed to preferring not to pick on men, stating, “It’s different with men. They don’t test you like women.” He was arrested and charged with third-degree assault and harassment in connection with eight unprovoked attacks on women this year.

One of the attacks occurred on April 17, when a 27-year-old woman was punched in the face while walking through Washington Square Park. Armstead was apprehended shortly after midnight following the incident.

The accused assailant was also wanted on two arrest warrants for previous attacks dating back to 2021. Despite being arrested in February, he allegedly continued to assault seven more women after being released without bail.

Man Allegedly Attacks Multiple Women, Blames Misogyny

In court, Armstead’s lawyer revealed that he suffers from mental health issues and emphasized the importance of mental health treatment. She argued that incarceration could exacerbate his condition, leading to negative outcomes for both him and society.

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The violent spree began in February and continued through April, with Armstead allegedly assaulting women in various locations across Manhattan. His prior arrests include a 2021 misdemeanour assault case.

He was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation following his latest arrest. The case underscores the importance of addressing mental health concerns and the prevalence of gender-based violence in society.

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