Ex-Teacher from Douglas Anderson Accused of Kissing Teen Student Speaks Before Being Sentenced!

Jeffrey Clayton, the former chair of the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts vocal department, recently gave an exclusive interview with First Coast News. This interview took place shortly before his upcoming sentencing, where Clayton faces significant prison time after pleading guilty to charges of lewd or lascivious touching of a minor and unlawful use of communication devices.

During the interview conducted from his hotel room in Jacksonville, Clayton expressed remorse and reflected on his current situation. He disclosed that following his divorce and subsequent homelessness, he spent three months living in his car, relying on protein bars for sustenance, and losing a substantial amount of weight. Despite the hardships he faced, Clayton acknowledged the pain and suffering he caused to his victim and her family.

He accepted responsibility for his actions, admitting guilt and expressing regret for tarnishing the trust placed in teachers and male figures in authority. Clayton also indirectly addressed the fallout from his arrest, which triggered broader concerns within Duval County Public Schools and led to administrative changes.

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While declining to comment on prior warnings or interventions from the school administration regarding his behavior, Clayton emphasized his focus on accepting consequences and facilitating healing for those affected by his actions. He concluded by extending an apology to his former students for any feelings of insecurity or mistrust his conduct may have caused.

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