San Francisco Park Where a Grandmother Was Fatally Beaten Will Now Be Named After Her!

A solemn occasion marked a significant transformation in the heart of Visitacion Valley. The community gathered to rename the once-familiar Visitacion Valley Playground, the Yik Oi Huang Peace and Friendship Park.

This renaming ceremony, scheduled for Saturday, is a poignant tribute to the memory of Yik Oi Huang, an 88-year-old grandmother who tragically lost her life due to a brutal assault in January 2019.

Yik Oi Huang, described as an Asian immigrant and esteemed member of the working-class community, was a regular presence in the neighborhood, known for her daily morning walks. However, on that fateful January day, she became a victim of a vicious attack that left her with severe injuries, including a broken skull, arms, and neck. The assault, which also resulted in a burglary of her home shortly afterward, shocked and deeply saddened San Francisco’s Asian community.

Despite receiving extensive medical care and support, Huang succumbed to her injuries in January 2020 at the age of 89. Her tragic story resonated deeply with many, especially as it occurred prior to the surge in anti-Asian hate crimes during the COVID-19 pandemic, underscoring the ongoing issue of racial violence and discrimination.

In response to this senseless act, authorities swiftly apprehended Keonte Gathron, 24, in connection with the assault. Gathron remains incarcerated, awaiting trial on charges that include murder and other serious offenses, as confirmed by online county jail records.

San Francisco Park Where a Grandmother Was Fatally Beaten Will Now Be Named After Her!

Since her passing, Yik Oi Huang’s granddaughter, Susanna Yee, has emerged as a vocal advocate for addressing anti-Asian hate crimes, promoting racial healing, and advocating for restorative justice. Yee maintains a memorial website dedicated to her grandmother’s memory, which serves as a platform for education and awareness about the impact of hate crimes on communities.

The park’s renaming to Yik Oi Huang Peace and Friendship Park is not just a symbolic gesture but a tangible manifestation of honoring her legacy and contributions to the community. The upcoming ribbon-cutting ceremony promises to be a cultural celebration, featuring traditional Chinese lion dancing, West African drumming, and other healing festivities that reflect the diversity and resilience of San Francisco’s multicultural fabric.

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As the community prepares to gather and commemorate this momentous occasion, the renaming of the park stands as a powerful reminder of the need for unity, empathy, and collective action against hate and violence in all its forms. Yik Oi Huang’s legacy will continue to inspire generations to come, fostering a spirit of peace, friendship, and justice within Visitacion Valley and beyond.

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