Facing Justice: Miami Man Accused of Shooting, Setting Fire Appears in Court!

Juan Figueroa, 73, appeared in a Miami courtroom on Wednesday morning to face serious charges stemming from a violent incident at Temple Court Apartments on NW 3rd Street. The allegations against Figueroa include shooting Feder Biotte, a maintenance worker at the complex, and subsequently setting fire to a portion of the building during the early hours of Monday morning.

The altercation reportedly began with an argument between Figueroa and Biotte, escalating to violence when Figueroa allegedly shot Biotte, who was later found on the first floor of the building with a gunshot wound to his abdomen. Biotte, in critical condition, was swiftly transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital for urgent medical care.

After the shooting, Figueroa is accused of starting a fire on the building’s third floor before fleeing the scene. The fire quickly spread, prompting the evacuation of more than 40 residents and causing significant disruption to the community. City officials are currently attempting to secure permanent housing solutions for those displaced by the incident.

Figueroa was apprehended during a traffic stop later on Monday afternoon near NW 27th Avenue and 28th Street. Authorities discovered a .38 caliber revolver in his possession at the time of his arrest. During initial questioning, Figueroa reportedly interrupted detectives attempting to read him his rights, acknowledging his awareness of the severity of his actions and anticipating substantial legal consequences.

Facing Justice: Miami Man Accused of Shooting, Setting Fire Appears in Court

In court, Figueroa, dressed in a protective green vest due to concerns about self-harm, expressed clear displeasure about appearing before the judge. His brief presence in the courtroom led to a waiver of his right to be present during further proceedings.

The judge upheld Figueroa’s no-bond status, underscoring the gravity of the charges he faces, which include attempted murder, first-degree arson, and use of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

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The scheduled arraignment for Figueroa has been set for July 2nd, indicating a forthcoming legal process to determine his guilt in the disturbing incident that has left the community grappling with the aftermath of violence and displacement.

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