Two Hudson County Men Arrested After Committing Multiple Armed Robberies!

Two Hudson County men, Wendell Bradley Jr., aged 27, from Bayonne, and Joseph Brown, aged 26, from Jersey City, have admitted to a series of armed robberies at gas stations across northern New Jersey earlier this year, along with an attempted carjacking, according to federal prosecutors.

The crime spree, spanning from January 3 to February 4, 2022, involved a pattern where Bradley and Brown targeted gas stations. Their method typically involved pulling up to gas stations, requesting attendants to fill their vehicle’s gas tank, and then brandishing firearms to demand money.

One notable incident occurred on January 20 in Union, where Brown threatened a gas station employee with a gun, demanding cash and making threats of violence. Bradley assisted in restraining the employee but failed to secure any money as the employee managed to escape.

The spree culminated on February 4 when Bradley and Brown carried out a similar armed robbery at a gas station in Secaucus. Following the robbery, they attempted to evade law enforcement, sparking a pursuit that extended from Secaucus to Newark. The chase ended abruptly when Bradley crashed his vehicle in Newark.

Two Hudson County Men Arrested After Committing Multiple Armed Robberies

In Newark federal court, Bradley pleaded guilty to charges including conspiracy to commit Hobbs Act robbery, Hobbs Act robbery, attempted carjacking, and brandishing a firearm during a violent crime.

Each charge carries severe penalties, including conspiracy, robbery, and attempted robbery charges, which are punishable by up to 20 years in prison and fines up to $250,000. The charge of attempted carjacking could result in a maximum 15-year sentence while brandishing a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence carries a mandatory minimum of 7 years in prison and a maximum life sentence.

Brown, on the other hand, admitted guilt to charges of attempted Hobbs Act robbery and Hobbs Act robbery. These charges also carry significant prison sentences and fines.

The arrests and subsequent guilty pleas mark a significant achievement for law enforcement agencies, including the ATF and several local police departments such as Clifton, Hillside, Jersey City, Newark, North Bergen, Secaucus, and Union, who collaborated in the investigation and pursuit of Bradley and Brown.

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Both men are scheduled to be sentenced in federal court, with Bradley’s sentencing set for October 10, 2024, and Brown’s for October 3, 2024. U.S. Attorney Philip R. Sellinger acknowledged the cooperative efforts of these agencies in bringing justice to the communities affected by the robbery spree.

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