Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary Unit Assists Stranded Cars on Memorial Day!

Memorial Day weekend marked one of the busiest travel periods of the year, with millions of people hitting the roads to return home from their holiday destinations. Recognizing the increased traffic and the potential for vehicle breakdowns, the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) ramped up its efforts to ensure motorists’ safety.

A crucial part of this effort was the deployment of the FHP Auxiliary Unit, a volunteer force dedicated to assisting with non-emergency situations, thereby freeing up full-time troopers to handle more critical incidents.

On Memorial Day, Action News Jax joined the FHP Auxiliary Unit to observe their operations firsthand. Throughout the day, the auxiliary team responded to numerous calls for assistance involving broken-down cars and abandoned vehicles. Major Donald Flynn, the leader of the FHP Troop G Auxiliary Unit, explained that their primary mission is to provide timely help to stranded motorists, ensuring their safety and minimizing traffic disruptions.

One notable incident involved Ricardo Pardo and his family, who were traveling from Starke to the St. John’s River to enjoy a day on the water. Unfortunately, their truck, which was towing a boat, broke down on I-295 near Baymeadows. The family found themselves stranded on the busy interstate with a malfunctioning vehicle and a disrupted holiday plan.

Ricardo’s brother, Manny Pardo, explained the issue: “One of the cylinders just blew off, so I got this spark plug in my hand.” The family was understandably distressed, but the arrival of the FHP Auxiliary Unit brought much-needed relief.

Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary Unit Assists Stranded Cars on Memorial Day

Major Flynn and his team quickly assessed the situation and arranged for a tow truck to transport the disabled vehicle. They also coordinated with another vehicle to tow the boat, ensuring that the family could continue their journey safely.

Major Flynn highlighted the importance of the auxiliary unit’s role, stating, “The auxiliary can manage these types of calls for service more efficiently, allowing full-time troopers to focus on the larger cases.” This operational strategy not only enhances response times for non-emergency incidents but also ensures that critical resources are available for serious emergencies, such as accidents or criminal activities.

Throughout the holiday weekend, the auxiliary unit encountered numerous broken-down vehicles, many of which belonged to out-of-town visitors unfamiliar with the local area. Major Flynn noted, “A majority of those people that were broken down were from out of town, so they were not sure logistically where they were located and how they could get assistance.” This lack of familiarity often added to the stress and confusion faced by stranded motorists.

In addition to providing direct assistance, Major Flynn and his team offered valuable advice to drivers, emphasizing the importance of planning and patience. “I think if people just take their time and plan accordingly, you can get to where you are going safely,” Flynn advised. “If it takes an extra 30 seconds or 1 minute, that 30 seconds or 1 minute might save your life.” This message underscores the critical importance of cautious driving, especially during peak travel times.

As the holiday traffic began to wane, the efforts of the FHP Auxiliary Unit remained steadfast. Their commitment to public service and road safety ensured that countless motorists received the help they needed, highlighting the essential role of volunteer forces in augmenting law enforcement capabilities.

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Ricardo Pardo’s and his family’s experiences, along with many others, serve as a testament to the invaluable support provided by the FHP Auxiliary Unit, which ensures a safer travel experience for all.

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