FWC Patrols Busy Waters on Memorial Day Weekend, Reminds Boaters to Stay Safe!

Memorial Day weekend marked a bustling period on Florida’s waters as boaters flocked to enjoy the holiday festivities. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, intensified patrols during this peak season, emphasizing the importance of boater safety.

FWC’s Public Information Officer, Tyson Matthews, emphasized the significance of vigilance on the waterways, particularly during congested periods like Memorial Day weekend. Matthews, accompanied by CBS 12’s Amber Raub, conducted patrols, focusing on identifying intoxicated drivers and ensuring compliance with maritime laws.

FWC Patrols Busy Waters on Memorial Day Weekend, Reminds Boaters to Stay Safe


Matthews highlighted common infractions observed during patrols, including reckless operation, careless navigation, and violations of speed zones, often indicative of intoxicated boaters. Despite efforts to educate and enforce safety measures, instances of intoxicated operation were unfortunately encountered, resulting in arrests.

Patrols extended to popular spots like sandbars and reefs, where boating activity peaked. Resource checks were conducted to safeguard marine life and ensure compliance with regulations governing activities such as spearfishing.

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FWC officers monitored adherence to safety protocols, including the presence of required equipment such as floatation devices, flares, and signaling devices. Enforcement actions varied from warnings to citations, with a focus on educating boaters to promote safer practices. As Memorial Day festivities wind down, FWC underscores the continual importance of adhering to maritime laws to safeguard everyone on the waterways.

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