Florida Simplifies Mail-In Ballot Requests with Standardized Form

Getting a mail-in ballot in Florida just got easier! More and more people are choosing to vote by mail, with over a third of all ballots in the 2022 election being sent through the postal service. However, there was some confusion because different groups were using their own forms to request mail-in ballots.

Now, things are changing. Starting this week, all counties and the state portal will use just one standardized form for requesting mail-in ballots. This form comes directly from the division of elections, so you’ll know it’s the official one.

According to Orange County Supervisor of Elections Glen Gilzean, this change is meant to make things simpler and less confusing for voters. When you receive this standard form, you can fill it out knowing that you’re requesting your mail-in ballot the right way.

Florida Simplifies Mail-In Ballot Requests with Standardized Form

But there’s an important thing to remember: Your previous requests for mail-in ballots have expired. State law says you have to request a mail-in ballot for each election cycle, which lasts until the next regularly scheduled general election.

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So, if you want to vote by mail, make sure to fill out the new form or complete one of the three steps required 12 days before an election. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get a mail-in ballot.

With this new standardized form, voting by mail in Florida just got a whole lot simpler!

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