Georgia Hair Professionals Face Challenges with License Renewals

In Georgia, hairstylists and barbers are encountering difficulties with renewing their professional licenses due to issues with a new licensing system.

This system change, called GOALS (Georgia Online Application System), has replaced the previous system known as MLO (MyLicense Office System), leading to frustration among cosmetologists.

The transition to GOALS was intended to enhance the licensing management system and streamline the issuance of professional licenses across the state, according to the Secretary of State’s website.

However, the new system’s security enhancements, including the requirement for stylists to register with a PIN, have caused challenges for many professionals.

Jamie Riedel, a manager at Sports Clips in Columbus, describes the struggles faced by licensed cosmetologists during the renewal process. Finding the PIN number, creating a new profile with a password, and printing out the renewed license have all posed difficulties for many stylists.

Due to the issues arising from the transition to GOALS, the state has extended renewal periods for various professions, including master cosmetologists, funeral services, and occupational therapy. This extension allows professionals more time to navigate the challenges associated with license renewal.

Darryl Roberts, owner of Klose Kutz in Columbus, shares his experience with attempting to renew his license early. Despite following instructions provided by the state, he encountered obstacles when attempting to input the PIN and verify his email through the GOALS portal.

Georgia Hair Professionals Face Challenges with License Renewals

Roberts expresses frustration at the lack of user-friendliness and the difficulty in reaching state board representatives for assistance. He acknowledges the importance of an easier process for license renewal but emphasizes the current challenges faced by professionals like himself.

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As hairstylists and barbers strive to renew their licenses amidst the transition to the new system, they continue to grapple with technical issues and delays in accessing support from the state board. Despite efforts to streamline the process, many professionals are encountering obstacles that hinder their ability to renew their licenses smoothly.

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