Gov. DeSantis Commends Tampa Bay Area Students Joining Military

In Tampa, a ceremony honored over 120 high school seniors from the Bay Area who are enlisting in the United States military after graduation. The event, hosted by the national nonprofit Our Community Salutes, recognized these students for their commitment to serve their country.

Dr. Kenneth Hartman, the nonprofit’s Founder and President and a former Army officer, likened the ceremony to a signing day for athletes entering college. He emphasized the significance of honoring young people who choose to enlist, especially as enlistment numbers decline.

Hartman acknowledged various factors contributing to the decline, such as changing attitudes toward the military and service. Despite these challenges, he highlighted the importance of recognizing the dedication of the less than one percent of students who make the decision to serve.

One of the honored students, Ja’Mariyon Bradley from Clearwater High School, expressed his motivation to pursue a challenging path in the Marines. Governor Ron DeSantis, a Navy veteran himself, attended the ceremony to commend the students for their decision.

Gov. DeSantis Commends Tampa Bay Area Students Joining Military

DeSantis conveyed his pride and appreciation for the students’ willingness to serve their country, assuring them that it’s a decision they won’t regret.

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Our Community Salutes not only honors enlistees but also provides support programs and resources for them and their families, aiming to assist them as they transition into military life.

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