Governor Youngkin Takes Action on 104 Bills to Protect Virginians

On April 2, 2024, Governor Glenn Youngkin made significant decisions regarding 104 bills passed by the Virginia legislature. Among these bills, the Governor signed 100 into law and vetoed 4 others.

One notable achievement is the signing of SB7 and HB18, which aim to combat unlawful discrimination, hate crimes, and antisemitism in Virginia. Governor Youngkin emphasized the importance of safeguarding all Virginians from hate and discrimination based on religion, race, or ethnicity.

The signing of SB7 and HB18 comes after extensive efforts to address antisemitism and religious bigotry in the state.

Governor Youngkin highlighted the establishment of the Commission to Combat Antisemitism and its recommendation to revise laws to protect Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, and other ethnic and religious groups from hate crimes.

Senator Bryce Reeves expressed gratitude for the bipartisan support behind the legislation, emphasizing that outlawing antisemitism upholds fundamental American values of equality and justice for all.

Governor Youngkin Takes Action on 104 Bills to Protect Virginians

Delegate Dan Helmer, who has personal ties to the issue as the grandson of Holocaust survivors, underscored the significance of the legislation in combating hate and protecting people of all ethnicities across Virginia.

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Overall, Governor Youngkin’s actions reflect Virginia’s commitment to promoting religious freedom and combating discrimination, sending a clear message that hate has no place in the Commonwealth.

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