Abbott Vows to Continue Busing Migrants to Sanctuary Cities Until Next Presidential Election

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott made a firm commitment on Thursday, stating that he would persist in transporting migrants out of Texas “until we get a new president.”

Abbott, aged 66, addressed the audience at the New York Republican Party’s annual gala in Manhattan, shedding light on the inception of the busing program.

He explained that the decision to bus migrants to New York City, initially not part of the plan, came about after local officials expressed concerns about migrants being released into their communities by federal authorities.

According to Abbott, the original plan was to bus migrants only to Washington, DC. However, he decided to expand the program to New York City after Mayor Eric Adams criticized him for sending migrants there.

Despite clarifications from Abbott’s office and press releases stating that migrants were not being sent to New York, criticism from NYC officials persisted. Abbott then decided that if he was going to face criticism, he might as well take credit for the action.

Abbott Vows to Continue Busing Migrants to Sanctuary Cities Until Next Presidential Election

Since April 2022, over 107,000 migrants have been bused out of Texas, as per Abbott’s office.

Abbott used his speech to condemn President Joe Biden’s border policies, attributing the chaos at the border to Biden’s decision to undo measures implemented by the previous administration, such as “Remain in Mexico” and Title 42.

He criticized Biden for allowing a surge in illegal immigration, claiming that records for the number of people on terrorist watch lists apprehended at the border had been broken.

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Abbott also accused Biden of failing to secure the border, suggesting that the president either doesn’t know what he’s doing or is intentionally aiding illegal entry into the US.

Abbott’s remarks underscored the ongoing debate over immigration policies and border security, positioning the issue as a focal point for the upcoming presidential election.

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