Republicans Criticize Eric Adams at New York Fundraiser

In New York City, thousands of miles from the Texas border, Republicans gathered to discuss their electoral prospects for the upcoming November elections. At the event, key figures in the party, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott, expressed confidence in their chances and emphasized border security as a critical issue.

Rep. Elise Stefanik, a prominent New York Republican, highlighted the impact of President Joe Biden’s policies on border security, stating that “Joe Biden has turned every state into a border state.” She emphasized the Republican commitment to securing the border and winning elections based on this issue.

Governor Abbott took aim at Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams over his handling of the migrant surge in the city. Abbott criticized Adams’ response to the influx of migrants and highlighted the challenges faced by Texas in dealing with similar issues.

The event, attended by prominent Republicans and party members, underscored the growing importance of immigration as a central issue in New York House races. Republicans in the state are focusing on border security as a key platform to attract voters.

Abbott’s presence at the fundraiser further heightened tensions between him and Mayor Adams, who have clashed over immigration policies and the handling of migrant arrivals in New York City.

Despite the criticism, Abbott remained steadfast in his approach, indicating that he would continue to send migrants to New York City until there is a change in federal policy.

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The event drew criticism from left-leaning groups, with some labeling Abbott as a “racist bigot” and condemning his attendance at the fundraiser.

Overall, the fundraiser highlighted the deep divisions between Republicans and Democrats on immigration policy and underscored the significance of border security as a political issue in the upcoming elections.

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