Kochava Acquires Digi Center to Help Drive Identity Resolution and Audience Enrichment!

Real-time ad attribution and measurement company, Kochava, has acquired DigiCenter, a firm that provides identity and cross-device graph data for marketers, publishers, and ad-tech providers. Both companies have been collaborating on privacy-first data enrichment projects since 2019.

Through the acquisition, the Kochava Collective, Kochava’s independent mobile-first data marketplace, will further bolster its owned data footprint from FreeAppAnalytics with identity data elements from DigiCenter. Harnessed with the power of Kochava’s IdentityLink™ solution for cross-device measurement, built-in consent management, data onboarding, and audience enrichment, this will result in a complete data offering for marketers, publishers, and eco-system providers.

The Collective is a privacy-first data marketplace with key data points on over 9 billion unique devices globally, including the largest hashed email file. With the acquisition of DigiCenter, the Kochava Collective now boasts over 1 billion hashed emails within its substantial device database.

It also complies with all user data privacy and consent regulations, including those related to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, and Apple’s new AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) framework on iOS 14+. Accurate device matching is critical in unraveling the cryptic web of cross-device content consumption and extending digital reach.

Kochava bridges the gap by deterministically matching internal hashed email addresses to specific mobile ad IDs (MAIDs) and linking hashed emails to a complete person graph.  With these elements, marketers and publishers can unlock insights into mobile ad interactions, in-app activity, website visits, and other crucial touchpoints within a comprehensive people-based view.

Kochava Acquires Digi Center to Help Drive Identity Resolution and Audience Enrichment!

The DigiCenter footprint is being incorporated into the Collective. It includes over 320 million unique people in the US, 180 million unique households, 1 billion unique emails, and 200 billion ongoing monthly events to further enhance targeting for connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) campaigns. DigiCenter has a privacy-first approach with upfront notice and consent upon data collection.

Data is collected via opt-ins with audit trails on events collected and profiles created. The DigiCenter team will join Kochava and pursue a shared vision to empower privacy-first, data-centric marketers of the future. Domenic Perfetti, Founder and CEO of DigiCenter, has been named the new GM of the Kochava Collective.

The news comes at a time when other companies in the ecosystem are being acquired, Kochava is continuing to expand into new areas and building a much larger focus beyond the traditional mobile measurement partner.

We are thrilled to have DigiCenter’s powerful database and team be part of Kochava. With the changes in the adtech ecosystem, this acquisition adds to the privacy-first and consent-based approach to data that the ecosystem wants.

Charles Manning, Founder and CEO, Kochava

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