Kochava Updates Facebook Integration to Help with CCPA Consent!

Ad attribution platform for mobile and connected devices, Kochava, has updated its integration with Facebook to help with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to pass user-specific Limited Data Usage (LDU) status. Kochava Intelligent Consent ManagerTM prompts users and captures the CCPA consent string, which will dictate the LDU status sent to Facebook.

Enforcement for the CCPA went into effect on July 1st. At that time, Facebook took a conservative approach to ensure compliance and blocked ad targeting and campaign conversion claims to mobile measurement providers (MMPs) for any users residing in California.

Thanks to its built-in consent management platform and strong partnership with Facebook, Kochava is uniquely positioned to help advertisers continue leveraging Facebook to reach and engage their California-based customers.

Advertisers now, more than ever, need to immediately integrate a consent management platform that will enable them to identify users who reside in California and prompt them with appropriate privacy dialogues, while also offering them the option to request their data not be sold.

Kochava Updates Facebook Integration to Help with CCPA Consent!

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This will enable brands to operate, measure, and optimize campaigns on Facebook for their consented California customers. Since August 1st, Kochava also provides an option for clients whose business is not subject to the CCPA consent to override their LDU flag on all user conversions sent to Facebook. This indicates to Facebook that all business users are available for ad targeting and campaign conversion claims.


As a privacy-first attribution provider, we take consent very seriously at Kochava. Ensuring our client data is protected, as well as that of our partners, is a top priority.

Charles Manning, Founder and CEO, Kochava

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