Kochava Launches SKAdNetwork Certification Program!

Omni-channel attribution and measurement company, Kochava, has launched a SKAdNetwork Certification Program for partners, which will help marketers make the best-informed decisions on growth partners they can trust using this new technological platform.

The SKAdNetwork is Apple’s answer to provide deterministic attribution while protecting the privacy of individual users. Marketers will need to use a mobile measurement provider like Kochava to maximize the value of their SKAd-enabled campaigns and effectively interpret its insights into actionable intelligence for measurement and optimization.

Kochava has been closely collaborating with media partners to develop a set of criteria and minimum requirements for data collection and interpretation of SKAdNetwork datasets as part of a certified partnership. Certification through the program indicates that a partner is taking the necessary steps to maximize advertiser success on the SKAdNetwork and provide the most granular level of performance insights feasible through the SKAdNetwork.

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The Kochava SDK already supports SKAdNetwork for advertisers today and the Kochava Marketers Operating System (m/OS) has 12 partners already integrated and certified with over 20 more in progress for the program. Kochava recently launched solutions for both demand advertisers and growth partners to streamline SKAdNetwork adoption:

● SKAdNetwork for Advertisers simplifies integration to deliver scalability and standardization to industry adoption of the SKAdNetwork.

● SKAdNetwork Support-in-a-Box helps publishers, ad networks, and DSPs support SKAdNetwork without the heavy lifting and costly infrastructure investment.

Innovation is happening at an unprecedented rate in this transformative era of digital advertising, and we are proud to arise as an industry leader. Our SKAdNetwork Certification program is delivering the trust, support, and tools necessary to ensure continued growth and success for all of our valued partners.  

Charles Manning, Founder and CEO, Kochava

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