Kochava and MMA Global Partner to Tackle Mobile Ad Attribution Fraud!

 Mobile Advertising attribution platform, Kochava, and trade body MMA have partnered to launch a mobile ad attribution fraud assessment solution. Available for free, the tool helps brands identify the extent of attribution fraud that their properties are exposed to and delivers a fraud audit summary without requiring extensive data inputs to validate the assessment.

In turn, marketers can go on to decrease the level of waste and get a better return on their marketing spend. The impact of mobile attribution fraud can be costly. Results from a recent MMA survey suggest that 84% of marketers expect mobile ad fraud to continue being a significant problem.

Over 60% think it will increase in the future, partly because their efforts can´t address the fundamental drivers of mobile fraud – strong incentives for perpetrators, lack of penalties, and overall complexity of the mobile ad ecosystem. As every dollar spent has increasingly higher burdens for ROI, it’s important to understand the extent of the mobile app fraud to take proactive action and limit its impact.

Kochava has built a comprehensive arsenal of algorithms and an up-to-date database of where attribution fraud exists across the reach of a marketer’s media buying efforts. In particular, the focus has been to prevent attribution fraud where bad actors use various tactics to steal attribution and claim the conversion for payment.

Kochava and MMA Global Partner to Tackle Mobile Ad Attribution Fraud!

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Attribution fraud enables fictitious media sources to signal ‘impressions’ and ‘clicks’ into attribution tools where media was never displayed. In addition to the assessment tool, the MMA will be holding a series of education webinars featuring case studies from marketers on how they are addressing the issue of mobile ad fraud.

We have been leading the fight against ad fraud since the inception of our company. Mobile fraud takes on different behaviors from display – and we are the clear leader in detecting and protecting against it for leading brands.  Collaborating with the MMA on this free fraud assessment tool is an exciting step forward to shedding more light and fighting this rampant industry issue

Charles Manning, Founder and CEO, Kochava.

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