Kochava Collective and Info Sum Partner to Serve Up Privacy-Safe Customer Data!

The world’s largest independent mobile-first data marketplace, The Kochava Collective, and identity infrastructure provider, Infosum, have announced a partnership that will arm brands with data-rich marketing insights in a privacy-safe, secure platform. This partnership will give brands unprecedented flexibility in building and activating audiences, all the while protecting customers and their data.

The Kochava Collective collects data from vetted first- and third-party sources that are ingested and segmented into a range of behavioral, demographic, and location segments. These data segments can be leveraged to enhance a client’s internal database for more detailed data enrichment and analysis. Enriched data can also be activated across major social and programmatic platforms.

InfoSum empowers companies to unlock the full potential of their data by enabling privacy-first collaboration that delivers better experiences for brands, media owners, and consumers. Through patented ‘non-movement of data’ customer-centric companies can connect data without ever sharing it.

From standard data onboarding to more sophisticated identity solutions, companies using InfoSum’s decentralized infrastructure are delivering future-proofed solutions that protect against future technology and regulatory changes, by removing the reliance on a single identifier.

Kochava Collective and Info Sum Partner to Serve Up Privacy-Safe Customer Data!

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The Kochava Collective data marketplace provides advertisers access to privacy-first data to maximize the performance of their campaigns. Our partnership with InfoSum provides an integral new platform to deliver this first-party data for enrichment and analytics to drive growth.

Brian Cox, General Manager of the Kochava Collective

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