Kochava Launches Kochava Subscriptions to Proactively Mitigate Customer Churn!

Real-time data for omni-channel attribution and measurement company, Kochava, has launched Kochava Subscriptions, a new solution that natively joins measurement and subscription data with identity to proactively mitigate customer churn.

Kochava Subscriptions can connect with all public and private payment processors and app stores and provides holistic row-level predictive churn reporting through CancelGuard™ technology, a new proprietary and industry-first feature developed by Kochava.

CancelGuard™ technology proactively monitors billing issues, the halting of auto-renew, and changes in user behavior across all household-connected devices that are indicative of the likelihood of churn.

Subscriptions have seen significant growth increase year-over-year. A strong source of recurring revenue generation, it also serves the growing need of customers preferring a flat-based monthly subscription vs in-app purchases.

According to a report from market intelligence firm Sensor Tower, consumer spending on in-app purchases, subscriptions, and premium apps climbed 31%to $19 billion globally on Apple’s App Store in 3Q20 with spending on Google Play experiencing even more substantial growth, increasing 33.8% to $10.3 billion from $7.7 billion in the year-ago quarter.

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Kochava is the only all-in-one provider for user acquisition attribution, in-app event behavior tracking, and cross-device identity management. Kochava Subscriptions works cross-provider and cross-platform. If a developer has its subscription tracking system and first-party data they can also benefit from privacy-first enrichment.

Key features:

  • A holistic view of the customer journey from advertising, download, free trial, recurring payments, and churn and recovery
  • Detects the individual halting of auto-renewal and billing errors before customer attrition enabling the ability to take action and recover the customer
  • Creates exportable individual profiles with row-level transaction history for your CRM
  • One-click access to KPIs, such as monthly recurring revenue, total paying subscribers, trial success rate, active subscriptions, churn, and recovery rate
  • Easy-to-access comfortable, segmentable, and filterable graphs with advanced insights on CancelGuard™, forecasted revenue, and trial performance by network of acquisition

Subscription services continue to play an increasingly important strategy in gaining more insights into user behavior and building lifetime value for marketers especially as the ecosystem evolves. We created a turnkey platform for subscription app developers that would provide immediate insights to generate growth and understand their customers while staying privacy compliant.

Charles Manning, Founder and CEO, Kochava

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