NYC Faces a Higher Risk of Severe Weather Thursday Morning, with Damaging Hail and Winds of Up to 60 Mph!

Forecasters said Wednesday that strong thunderstorms could hit New York City and the tri-state area on Thursday, bringing rain, 60 mph wind gusts, dangerous hail, and lightning to the area. The storms shouldn’t cause too much damage, and meteorologists told the Daily News that the forecast for a warm Memorial Day Weekend was still valid.

Thursday morning, David Stark of the National Weather Service told The News that there was a “very low chance of a shower.” Stark said, “The worst threat seems to be in the late morning and early afternoon.” As the evening approaches, things should begin to calm down.

NYC Faces a Higher Risk of Severe Weather Thursday Morning

Stark said that during one or two of the squalls, there could be “severe wind gusts” that could bring down trees and do other harm. “Small hail still has a chance of happening.” The storms will be spread out and not last long, but Accuweather senior meteorologist Kerry Schwindenhammer said they “could produce some damaging wind, hail, and flooding downpours.”

This is all because of a cold front that is coming through town while it is warm and 80 degrees outside. According to Stark, the biggest worry is lightning hits, especially for people who are planning to spend the holiday weekend outside. There probably wouldn’t be big changes to travel.

Stark said, “If you’re on the road and it’s possible to be heavy rain, it could have a small effect for a short time.” He also said that some places might not see a drop. “It’s not going to be a cookie cutter.” You should be aware that the danger is there. Schwindenhammer said, “The farther north you go, the less likely it is that you will see heavy thunderstorms.”

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These storms are part of a line that will go from the middle of the Atlantic to the Hudson Valley and New England. Accuweather says the Midwest, which has already had a lot of storms, is most at risk for bad weather and flooding downpours.

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