A Teenage Driver Known as “Squeeze Benz” Was Caught and Faces a Number of Charges!

Police have finally caught a YouTuber and social media influencer who filmed himself driving at crazy speeds in and around New York and New Jersey. The videos went viral and got millions of views, which is a story we’ve been watching and writing about for months.

Police released a picture of Squeeze Benz, which was the first time we saw the crazy guy without his trademark helmet. It also showed that he was only 19 years old. Police from Newark and the NYPD’s Auto Crimes Manhattan Unit worked together to find the driver, who was now identified as Antonio Ginestri from Queens. He had been trolled by a BMW without license plates one night in April.

They chose not to go after him at that time, but investigations led them to find social media accounts with videos of him driving recklessly, including the April incident with the police and the BMW. Ginestri is now being charged with fleeing police in Newark. He is also being charged with other crimes by other law enforcement agencies.

Police Chief Miranda and I are proud of our detectives for using their smart technological know-how to catch this driver, who thought he could get away with putting public safety at risk in Newark’s Arts and Education District, Newark Public Safety Director Fritz G. Fragé said after Ginestri was caught. Both of the NYPD chiefs were happy to have Ginestri off the streets.

A Teenage Driver Known as "Squeeze Benz" Was Caught and Faces a Number of Charges


“Press down.”NY’s Finest have caught Benz,” wrote Kaz Daughtry, Deputy Commissioner of Operations for the NYPD. “One of the most-raced street cars in New York City can’t treat the city like the Indy 500 anymore.” If you’re thinking about speeding through the streets of New York City without paying attention, you should think again. You will be caught and your car will be taken away. There will be justice for you.

Tommy G, another YouTuber, interviewed Ginestri, and he said that things went crazy when he got his first Mercedes a year ago. “I always did little driving videos and never really took it to the next level,” he said. “But then my boy told me that crazy people are going crazy over this, and I was like f*** it.”

Ginestri also said that when the heat got too high on his cars, he started renting high-performance cars like BMW M3s and Lamborghini Urus SUVs. During a video with another YouTuber, N3on, one of those Lamborghinis crashed into another car, causing damage.

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During the interview with Tommy G, Ginestri was also happy to say that the police wanted him 10 times out of 10. He said, “No one is more wanted than me.” That may have been true last week, but now that he’s in police custody, probably going to jail, and won’t be getting his license back any time soon, this makes everyone in New York a little safer.

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