NYC Shooter Who Killed 16-Year-Old Rode in Citi Bike Basket, Identified by His Air Jordans: Court Documents!

In a tragic incident that has left the Soho community in shock, a teenage shooter rode to the scene of a fatal shooting in a Citi Bike basket and was identified by his distinctive footwear, as detailed in court documents.

Henry Thomas, a 19-year-old, has been charged with second-degree murder for the May 7 shooting of 16-year-old Makhi Brown. The arraignment took place in Manhattan Criminal Court, where the gravity of the crime was underscored by the evidence presented.

Makhi Brown, a student at a nearby charter school, was shot just half a block from his school. He was known for his role as a peacemaker, trying to intervene and resolve conflicts among his peers. On the fateful day, Brown found himself in the midst of a confrontation between two groups and attempted to defuse the situation, according to NYPD officials.

Thomas, the alleged shooter, was captured on surveillance cameras, making his way to the crime scene in an unconventional manner. He was seen riding in the basket of a Citi Bike, an image that has since become central to the investigation. The criminal complaint notes that Thomas was wearing “distinctive black Air Jordans with red and yellow trim,” which played a crucial role in his identification.

Upon arriving at Urban Plaza, located between Spring Street and Dominick Street, Thomas exited the Citi Bike basket. According to authorities, he then proceeded to fire a handgun three times, striking Brown once in the back of the head and twice in the leg. The brutal nature of the attack has left the community and law enforcement officials deeply troubled.

The investigation quickly led detectives to Thomas’s Upper East Side residence. There, they found the pair of Air Jordans matching those seen in the surveillance footage. This discovery, combined with other evidence, led to his arrest by the U.S. Marshals Service and the NYPD on Friday.

NYC Shooter Who Killed 16-Year-Old Rode in Citi Bike Basket, Identified by His Air Jordans

During the court proceedings, Thomas appeared in gray sweatpants and white high-top sneakers trimmed in black. With his hands cuffed behind his back, he faced the accusations with a stern demeanor. Assistant District Attorney Gina Nerone did not mince words, stating that Thomas “executed a 16-year-old high school student by shooting him in the head.” This characterization prompted an objection from Thomas’s defense attorney, Adam Freedman, who argued against the use of the term “executed.”

Judge Marisol Martinez-Alonso, presiding over the hearing, allowed Nerone to continue and took the opportunity to remind Thomas of the seriousness of the charges. She explained that if he refused to attend future court proceedings, the trial would proceed in his absence. Thomas responded loudly with a clear “Yes,” indicating his understanding.

Thomas was subsequently transferred to Rikers Island correctional facility, where he is being held without bail. As he was led out of the courtroom, his family and friends, who had been present during the hearing, waved and blew kisses. One supporter even shouted, “We love you,” a poignant moment amidst the somber proceedings. If convicted, Thomas faces a daunting legal outcome, with a minimum sentence of 15 years to life and a maximum of 25 years to life in prison.

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Makhi Brown’s death has had a profound impact on his community. He was a member of a basketball team run by the NYPD 67th Precinct Clergy Council, an organization dedicated to promoting non-violence and known as “The GodSquad.” His role as a peacemaker in his community makes his death all the more tragic, highlighting the senselessness of the violence that took his life. As the case progresses, the community continues to grapple with the loss of a young life filled with promise and the ongoing struggle to understand the motives behind such a devastating act of violence.

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