Political Activists Peggy Moore and Hope Wood from California Died in A Car Crash!

The tragic demise of Peggy Moore and Hope Wood, two distinguished figures in the realm of political activism, reverberates through Northern California. On May 10, the couple met an untimely end in a devastating car crash on California Highway 76 in unincorporated San Diego County. Their lives were cut short when the Jeep Gladiator they were traveling in collided head-on with a Chrysler sedan.

Peggy Moore, aged 60, and Hope Wood, aged 48, shared a profound commitment to social justice and advocacy, a bond that blossomed during their time campaigning for Barack Obama in 2008. Their love story unfolded against the backdrop of activism, culminating in a union celebrated on July 29, 2013, at Lake Merritt in Oakland, California.

Political Activists Peggy Moore and Hope Wood from California Died in A Car Crash


Moore’s impactful career spanned various facets of political engagement. Notably, she played pivotal roles in managing successful campaigns, including Libby Schaaf’s bid for mayor of Oakland in 2014 and Diana Becton’s campaign for district attorney in Contra Costa County. Moore’s influence extended beyond electoral politics; she co-founded Sistahs Steppin’ in Pride, an event celebrating queer women’s pride in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hope Wood, a luminary in her own right, brought a wealth of experience in political organizing to their partnership. With a background as a teaching fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, Wood dedicated over two decades to fostering change across California and beyond. In 2019, she and Moore founded Hope Action Change, a consulting firm aimed at nurturing organizational development and cultivating diverse leadership in corporate settings.

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Their tragic passing leaves a profound void in the landscape of activism and social justice. Colleagues and political leaders mourn the loss of Moore and Wood, reflecting on their indelible contributions and unwavering dedication to equality and justice. Their legacy serves as a beacon of inspiration for future generations of change-makers, a testament to the enduring impact of their work and the enduring power of love and activism.

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