Rubio Attributes Trump’s Hispanic Support to Traditional Values

Recently, there’s been a stir in President Joe Biden’s campaign regarding Hispanic voters.

According to recent polls, Biden’s support among Latinos has dropped significantly, from a 29-point lead over former President Donald Trump to just nine points now. Some polls even show Biden’s lead shrinking to only three points among Hispanics who will vote in the upcoming elections.

Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio weighed in on this trend in a recent interview. He believes Trump’s surge in Hispanic support is due to a clear reason.

Rubio pointed out that as Democrats stray from traditional working-class values, more Hispanics are drawn to Trump’s message. They feel that the Democratic Party no longer represents them, and they are finding a home in the Republican Party, especially because Trump resonates with them.

Many working-class Hispanics, like other Americans, are frustrated by jobs being outsourced to other countries and by what they perceive as excessive immigration. They feel that their values, which they’ve built their lives around, are under attack from Democrats and the left.

Rubio Attributes Trump's Hispanic Support to Traditional Values

Rubio also highlighted another factor contributing to Democrats losing ground to Trump among Hispanics: the demonization of traditional masculinity.

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He argued that boys, who are naturally rambunctious and active, are often marginalized in today’s society, which can lead to resentment among certain demographics.

Overall, Rubio suggests that Trump’s appeal to Hispanic voters lies in his alignment with traditional values and his willingness to speak to the concerns of working-class Americans, including Hispanics.

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