Texas Governor Abbott Stresses Border Security Importance

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas reiterated the state’s commitment to enforcing strict border laws, emphasizing the necessity of reducing illegal immigration completely.

Abbott highlighted that while there are three laws passed by Congress regarding immigration, they are not being effectively enforced. He stated, “Texas has taken action on all three. My responsibility as governor is to ensure we eliminate illegal immigration entirely.”

Supporting Senate Bill 4, which empowers Texas law enforcement to make arrests and deportations without federal oversight, Abbott underscored the state’s right to defend itself. He criticized President Biden’s failure to protect Texas from the influx of migrants crossing the southern border.

Texas Governor Abbott Stresses Border Security Importance

Despite awaiting approval from the U.S. Federal Appeals Court and facing criticism, Abbott expressed confidence in the constitutionality of Senate Bill 4. He believes that if the courts adhere strictly to the Constitution, they will uphold the law, especially if it aligns with federal laws.

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Abbott also highlighted Texas’ border strategies, such as wall construction and efforts to prevent illegal entry and apprehend violators. These measures, according to Abbott, have contributed to a significant decrease of around 70% in illegal immigration into the state.

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