Wildlife Warnings: Bronx Sees Increase in Coyote Spotting Reports!

Bronx residents are increasingly likely to encounter coyotes this spring as wildlife experts anticipate a rise in sightings of these adaptable predators. Chris Nagy, co-founder of the Gotham Coyote Project, has been closely monitoring the expansion of eastern coyotes into New York City.

Nagy employs sophisticated digital cameras equipped with motion sensors strategically placed in local parks to track the movements of these elusive animals. “The cameras are set to capture any creature larger than a squirrel that passes by, providing valuable insights into the presence and behavior of coyotes in urban environments,” Nagy explained.

According to Nagy, each park typically hosts a pair of coyotes, which underscores their ability to adapt to city life. While encountering a coyote den can be intriguing, Nagy advises observers to maintain a safe distance and appreciate these creatures from afar.

“It can be a unique and enriching experience to witness these wonderfully adapted animals thriving in an urban setting,” Nagy noted. “They are capable of surviving independently and will relocate if resources become scarce.”

As the coyote population continues to grow in the Bronx, Nagy encourages residents to coexist peacefully with these natural inhabitants and report any sightings to conservation authorities. Understanding and respecting their presence contributes to the conservation efforts aimed at preserving wildlife diversity within the city.

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