Is This Your Pig? Lost Animals Found in Wadena County

The Wadena County Sheriff’s Office is making a public appeal for assistance in locating the owner of two stray animals discovered at the picturesque Old Wadena Campground, situated just north of Staples. On June 6, a surprising duo consisting of a large, black pig and a friendly black Labrador retriever were found roaming the campground grounds, capturing the attention of campers and park rangers alike.

According to local reports, the unexpected discovery prompted immediate efforts by park personnel to secure the wandering animals safely. “It’s not every day you find such a unique pair like this out here,” remarked one campground visitor who witnessed the scene.

The Sheriff’s Office has taken charge of the animals and is actively seeking information from the community to reunite them with their rightful owner. Residents who recognize these animals or have any relevant details regarding their ownership are encouraged to reach out to the Sheriff’s Office at 218-631-7600. Authorities emphasize the importance of responsible pet ownership and proper containment to prevent similar incidents of wandering pets in the area.

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As summer approaches and more visitors enjoy the natural beauty of Wadena County, ensuring the safety and well-being of both residents and their pets remains a top priority for local law enforcement and park officials.

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