Bronx Musician Seeks Help Finding His Backpack so He Can Keep Performing!

Anthony Quarterman, a talented musician renowned for his soulful R&B performances across subway platforms in the Bronx and Manhattan, is facing a setback in his musical career. Known for his captivating subway solos as part of the MTA Music Under New York program, Quarterman has become a familiar face among commuters, bringing joy and entertainment to those traveling through New York City’s bustling transit system.

Recently, Quarterman encountered a distressing incident on his way to perform at South Ferry/Whitehall Station. In the rush of preparing for his performance, he inadvertently left behind his crucial backpack on a bus. This backpack contained not only his cherished microphone but also essential equipment, such as music pads and sheets integral to his performances.

Reflecting on the incident, Quarterman expressed the gravity of the situation: “I was in such a hurry to get back because I knew today was a good money day.” His performances not only provide him with a source of income but also serve as a lifeline, sustaining his passion for music and his livelihood in the city.

The musician, who has been a fixture in the local music scene, emphasizes the profound impact of his lost equipment: “It’s very important, it’s my lifesaver. It’s what is keeping me going in life,” he stressed. Without his equipment, Quarterman is unable to deliver his soulful melodies to the diverse audience that appreciates his talent.

Quarterman’s plea for assistance extends to the community he has come to know and entertain. He hopes that someone who may have come across his backpack, possibly left on a bus or found nearby, will come forward to help him recover his belongings.

This recovery is not just about retrieving lost items but also about enabling Quarterman to continue doing what he loves — sharing his music and brightening the days of commuters who have grown accustomed to his uplifting performances.

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As he navigates this setback, Quarterman remains optimistic, buoyed by the support of those who have enjoyed his music over the years. He remains hopeful that his backpack, filled with the tools of his trade and symbols of his dedication to his craft, will find its way back to him, allowing him to resume his musical journey without further interruption.

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