Men Eat More Meat than Women, Especially in Countries with Gender Equality!

A recent study published in Scientific Reports reveals an intriguing trend: as gender equality improves in wealthier nations across North America and Europe, men tend to consume more meat compared to women. Conducted by Christopher Hopwood and his team from the University of Zurich, the research examined data from nearly 21,000 individuals across 23 countries.

Traditionally, men have been known to consume more meat globally. However, the study found that in countries where gender parity is more pronounced, this disparity in meat consumption between men and women actually widens.

This phenomenon was notably absent in countries like China, India, and Indonesia, where gender equality advancements did not correspond with increased meat consumption among men relative to women.

Researchers attribute this trend to the greater economic opportunities and autonomy men experience in wealthier, more gender-equal societies. As disposable incomes rise, individuals often opt for more expensive dietary choices, such as meat.

Conversely, the study suggests that efforts aimed at reducing meat consumption should consider the distinct preferences and behaviors of men and women in different socio-economic contexts.

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This study, funded by Mercy for Animals, underscores the complex interplay between gender dynamics, economic factors, and dietary habits in shaping global consumption patterns.

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