Woman from Altoona Alleges She Is a Victim of A Georgian Theft by Deception Case!

In a distressing case of theft by deception, an Altoona woman, Kearston Thibedeau, finds herself among more than 300 individuals across 25 states and Australia who were deceived by a Georgia-based business. The business, Romeo and Juliette Keepsakes was operated by 32-year-old Destiny Magoon, who now faces multiple charges of theft by deception.

Thibedeau’s ordeal began in December 2022, when she ordered a custom ring made from her breastmilk from Romeo and Juliette Keepsakes. The concept of creating mementos from breastmilk, hair, or ashes is a cherished way for many to preserve sentimental memories. Thibedeau was drawn to the idea of breastmilk jewelry because of the deep bond it symbolized between her and her daughter. Her daughter, born in July 2021, was breastfed for two years, making the milk especially meaningful as it represented her dedication and hard work during this period.

Thibedeau was initially patient, aware that the business was gaining popularity and receiving an increasing number of orders. However, as months passed without any updates or the delivery of her ring, her patience turned into suspicion and concern. “It’s tough because you don’t know who to trust,” Thibedeau expressed, reflecting on the betrayal she felt.

The situation took a bizarre turn when Magoon began posting about business issues on social media. Despite reaching out multiple times via email, Thibedeau received no response, and eventually, her emails started bouncing back as undeliverable. The final blow came when a fellow customer from a Facebook group dedicated to mothers with children born in July 2021 contacted her, asking if she had ever received her ring. This interaction led Thibedeau to a Facebook group where hundreds of other women shared similar stories of deception and loss.

Woman from Altoona Alleges She Is a Victim of A Georgian Theft by Deception Case

Magoon’s fraudulent activities have left many victims like Thibedeau heartbroken, as the items sent to her business were irreplaceable and held significant emotional value. Thibedeau, like many others, feels a profound sense of loss and mistrust. “I thought it was the last of my breast milk, and I ended up finding another bag in the freezer kind of tucked away back. So if I wanted to order another one from somebody else, I could. I just don’t know if I trust anybody else to take the last of my breast milk and maybe transform it into something special,” she lamented.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia is now faced with the daunting task of sorting through the hundreds of items sent to Romeo and Juliette Keepsakes. They have indicated that it could take weeks to return the items to their rightful owners, adding another layer of distress for the victims who are anxiously waiting to reclaim their precious mementos.

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Thibedeau’s story highlights the emotional impact of such deceptive practices and serves as a cautionary tale for others. While she has a small reserve of breastmilk left, her experience has left her wary of trusting another business with such a sentimental task. The case underscores the importance of vigilance and due diligence when dealing with businesses that handle irreplaceable and highly personal items.

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