Women Beat up A 79-Year-Old Man at Dollar Tree Store in Brooklyn!

In a shocking incident at a Dollar Tree store in Brooklyn, a 79-year-old man was violently attacked by two women following an apparent dispute. The altercation took place on April 18 around 12:45 p.m. at the Dollar Tree located at 198 East 98th St. in Brownsville, leaving the elderly man with minor injuries.

The confrontation quickly escalated from a verbal disagreement to a physical assault. According to the NYPD, surveillance footage from the store captured the two women involved in the altercation. The video shows the woman repeatedly punching the man in his face and body, causing him to fall to the ground. The brutal attack continued until the women fled the store.

Witnesses at the scene were horrified by the unprovoked violence. “It was just shocking to see. They just kept hitting him. Nobody deserves that, especially not an elderly man,” said one bystander who wished to remain anonymous.

Despite the severity of the attack, the 79-year-old victim was treated on-site for his injuries and did not require hospitalization. The immediate response from the store employees and customers helped to prevent further harm. However, the psychological impact of such an attack on an elderly individual cannot be understated.

Women Beat up A 79-Year-Old Man at Dollar Tree Store in Brooklyn

Following the assault, the two women were seen heading towards the Sutter Avenue–Rutland Road station, where they boarded a northbound 3 train. The NYPD has since released images of the suspects to identify and apprehend them. The women were described as being in their late twenties to early thirties. One was wearing a red jacket, while the other donned a black hoodie during the incident.

The motive behind the attack remains unclear, but police are investigating whether the dispute was a random altercation or if the parties involved had any prior connection. Authorities are also looking into whether the women have a history of violent behavior or criminal records.

The incident has sparked outrage and concern among the local community, especially regarding the safety of elderly residents. “It’s incredibly disturbing to hear about something like this happening in our neighborhood,” said Councilman Alicka Ampry-Samuel. “Our seniors should feel safe and protected, and we need to ensure that justice is served in this case.”

In response to the attack, local advocacy groups for the elderly have called for increased security measures in public spaces and stores frequented by seniors. “We need more surveillance, more patrols, and community engagement to prevent such incidents,” said Angela Williams, director of a local senior advocacy organization. “Our elders are vulnerable and deserve to feel safe wherever they go.”

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The NYPD has urged anyone with information about the suspects or the incident to come forward. Tips can be submitted anonymously through the Crime Stoppers hotline, and a reward may be offered for information leading to an arrest. This attack at the Dollar Tree is part of a troubling trend of violence in the city, particularly against vulnerable populations. As the investigation continues, the community hopes for a swift resolution and the apprehension of the perpetrators.

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