Workplace Behaviors That Your Co-Workers Should Never Do

In any workplace, there are certain behaviors that go beyond just being inappropriate—they’re actually illegal. And it’s not just bosses who can cross the line; even your co-workers can violate these rules.

Understanding your rights and knowing when they’ve been violated is crucial for maintaining a safe and respectful work environment. No matter how much your job pays, it’s never worth staying with an employer that tolerates these violations.

Here are six things that your co-workers should never do, under any circumstances:

  • Physically Intimidate

You Using physical intimidation in the workplace is never okay. This includes making threatening gestures, displaying aggressive body language, or any behavior that makes you feel physically threatened or unsafe.

Everyone has the right to feel safe and respected at work, so if you experience physical intimidation from a co-worker, report it immediately to your supervisor or human resources.

  • Sexually Harass

You Sexual harassment at work is against the law. It can take many forms, such as unwanted advances, inappropriate comments, or any behavior of a sexual nature that creates a hostile work environment.

Keep a record of any instances of sexual harassment and report them to HR or the appropriate authority in your company for investigation and resolution.

  • Steal from Your Desk

Taking items from a colleague’s desk without permission is a violation of their personal space and property rights.

Whether it’s office supplies or personal belongings, stealing from a co-worker is illegal and can lead to disciplinary action or legal consequences. Respect for personal boundaries and property is essential in maintaining a professional workplace environment.

Workplace Behaviors That Your Co-Workers Should Never Do
  • Take Pictures of You Photographing or recording someone

in the workplace without their consent is a breach of their privacy rights and may also constitute harassment or surveillance. If you discover that a co-worker is taking pictures of you without permission, address the issue directly with them or report it to HR. Your right to privacy should always be respected.

  • Steal Your Paycheck

Tampering with or stealing someone’s paycheck is not only unethical but also illegal. Your paycheck is protected by law, and any interference with its delivery or distribution can result in serious consequences for the perpetrator.

If you suspect that your paycheck has been stolen or mishandled, report it to your employer or payroll department immediately.

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  • Share Your Private Information

Your private information, such as your Social Security number or bank account details, should be kept confidential in the workplace. Sharing this information without your consent violates privacy laws and can lead to identity theft or financial harm.

If you discover that a co-worker has shared your private information, take immediate action to address the breach and protect your personal data.

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