DeSantis Vows Florida Won’t Follow Biden’s Title IX Changes

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made it clear on Thursday that his state won’t adhere to the new Title IX rules announced by the Biden administration.

In a video shared on social media, DeSantis stated firmly, “Florida rejects President Biden’s attempt to rewrite Title IX. We will not comply, and we will fight back.”

DeSantis emphasized that Florida won’t allow President Biden to include men in women’s activities or infringe upon parental rights. He also criticized Biden for allegedly overstepping his constitutional authority by imposing these policies on Florida.

The Biden administration recently revealed updates to Title IX, aiming to offer additional protections for transgender students against sex-based discrimination. These changes are set to go into effect in early August.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona highlighted that the new regulations ensure all students can access safe and inclusive school environments.

However, DeSantis has faced criticism from LGBTQ advocates for enacting laws perceived as harmful to the community, such as the “Don’t Say Gay” law, which limits discussions on LGBTQ topics in Florida public schools.

DeSantis Vows Florida Won't Follow Biden's Title IX Changes

Last year, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Equality Florida advised against traveling to Florida due to the state’s laws and policies targeting LGBTQ rights.

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In response to Florida’s stance, the U.S. Department of Education stressed that federally funded schools must comply with the new regulations. Florida’s Commissioner of Education, Manny Diaz Jr., also expressed opposition to the changes, stating that Florida will fight against them.

The conflict between Florida and the Biden administration over Title IX underscores the ongoing debate surrounding LGBTQ rights and federal policy implementation.

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