Michigan Senate Candidate Under Scrutiny for Florida Voter Registration

A candidate running for the U.S. Senate in Michigan is facing scrutiny after it was revealed that he is registered to vote in Florida, not Michigan.

Mike Rogers, a former congressman from Michigan’s eighth district, is seeking to return to legislative office in Michigan. However, it has come to light that he is registered as a voter in Cape Coral, Florida.

This revelation has drawn comparisons to the situation involving Mehmet Oz, a Senate candidate in Pennsylvania who faced criticism for not residing in the state he hoped to represent.

The issue was raised by communications from Rep. Elissa Slotkin’s team, who is also vying for the Democratic nomination for Senate. They highlighted Rogers’ Florida voter registration in response to his assertion that he would be proud to serve Michigan in the Senate.

Records indicate that Rogers owns a sizable home in Cape Coral, valued at $1.7 million.

Despite the controversy, Rogers has been actively involved in Michigan politics, attending rallies and garnering support from prominent figures such as former President Donald Trump.

Michigan Senate Candidate Under Scrutiny for Florida Voter Registration

Trump endorsed Rogers at a recent rally in Grand Rapids, expressing confidence in his ability to secure the Senate nomination and win the general election.

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The Republican and Democratic primaries for the Michigan Senate race are scheduled for August 6th.

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