Lawsuits Over Biden’s EV Fuel Economy Rule

Recently, a number of states and organizations took legal action against the Biden administration’s revised method for calculating the fuel economy of electric vehicles (EVs).

The Department of Energy (DOE) issued a final rule on March 29, which has stirred up controversy. Critics argue that the DOE exceeded its authority by making these changes and failed to conduct an environmental impact assessment, as required by law.

In their filings with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, the plaintiffs argue that the DOE did not have the legal power to introduce a factor that adjusts the fuel efficiency of electric cars.

They also claim that the DOE did not meet its obligation to evaluate the environmental impact of the revised standards.

Lawsuits Over Biden's EV Fuel Economy Rule

The DOE’s decision was prompted by a petition for rulemaking submitted in 2021 by the Natural Resources Defense Council and Sierra Club.

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The American Free Enterprise Chamber of Commerce and attorneys general from several states, such as Iowa, Arkansas, Florida, and others, have also joined the legal challenge against the DOE’s decision.

It’s important to note that legal challenges to regulatory changes often result in delays to their implementation as the cases progress through the courts.

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