Satanic Temple Challenges Florida Governor on Religious Freedom

The co-founder of The Satanic Temple (TST) has challenged Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to a debate on religious freedom. This comes after Governor DeSantis signed a new law allowing school districts to implement volunteer school chaplain services.

Under the new law, schools in Florida can choose to have volunteer chaplains provide support services for students. However, Governor DeSantis explicitly stated that members of TST would not be permitted to serve as public school chaplains, emphasizing that “satanists” would not be allowed to participate.

TST had threatened legal action if its members were excluded from the chaplain program. Co-founder Lucien Greaves criticized Governor DeSantis for making statements about TST without understanding their beliefs or values, calling it a concern for everyone regardless of their religious views.

Satanic Temple Challenges Florida Governor on Religious Freedom

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Greaves argued that Governor DeSantis’s actions reveal a lack of understanding of the law, as the legislation actually allows for Satanic chaplains in schools. This highlights a potential misunderstanding of the governor’s authority and the boundaries of religious freedom in the state.

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