Young Leaders Share Views Before President Biden’s Tampa Visit

President Joe Biden plans to visit Tampa to discuss reproductive rights ahead of Florida’s abortion ban. Dr. Susan MacManus, ABC Action News Political Analyst, sees this as a crucial move for Democrats to show Florida’s potential as a winnable state.

She notes that around 27% of voters in Florida are registered with no party affiliation, making it a potential swing state if they lean towards one party.

Jake Hoffman, Executive Director of Tampa Bay Young Republicans, disagrees, stating Florida has been predominantly Republican for years and believes it will remain so.

Young Leaders Share Views Before President Biden's Tampa Visit

However, Jordie Zapata, leader of Hillsborough County Young Democrats, sees an opportunity for Biden to address key issues affecting Floridians, like property insurance and infrastructure.

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While Hoffman feels Trump already has a strong support base in Florida, Zapata emphasizes the importance of Biden addressing pressing concerns to win over younger voters. The exact details of Biden’s visit are yet to be announced.

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