Kochava Releases Traffic Index to Build Value and Trust in Mobile Ads!

Real-time attribution platform, Kochava, has released the Kochava Traffic Index which aims to help ad networks and brands adopt best practices for building value and trust. The rankings in the report are based on each independent media partner’s current integrations with marketers to empower both across the ecosystem.

Rankings in the index are based on four objective categories that the company deems the most critical in data attribution and measurement (retention of acquired users, signal clarity, fraud, and click-to-install correlation).

The findings demonstrate that while a media partner may rank highly in one category, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will rank highly in another.

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The definitive mission of the Kochava Traffic Index is to provide a clear and objective viewpoint of media partners based on critical metrics that give both brands and their media partners complete transparency to ensure the highest levels of integrity. Our end goal is to create a more open and reliable industry built on trust, and a thriving marketplace for brands to have many choices working with networks who can help them connect with their audiences to drive growth.

Charles Manning, Founder and CEO, Kochava

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